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Gourmet Chocolate Candy Makes A Thoughtful Gift

Who doesn't love gourmet chocolate candy? Whether you are buying it as a special gift or to satisfy your own sweet cravings, you can buy gourmet chocolates online that are out of this world and not offered in your local stores. Our merchants below offer handmade chocolates using only the finest ingredients.

Picture biting into gourmet truffles made with fresh cream, fruit and nuts and having a thin shell surrounding heavenly creamy chocolate or ganache. How about a gourmet chocolate candy assortment? You can even get them with filled with only your favorite kinds of gourmet chocolates such as all caramel, all dark chocolate, all nut, all milk chocolate and even all low carb!

Gourmet chocolate candy makes a thoughtful gift as well. At Dan's Chocolates, they offer over 200 different gift boxes for every event from birthdays to gardening or you can have a custom photo imprinted on your box to make the gift even more personal. They also offer special packages for companies to give as business gifts and you can have the boxes imprinted with your company logo. Some of their unique custom boxes for gourmet chocolates include:

  • New baby
  • You're A good Friend
  • I'm Sorry
  • Feel Better
  • Retirement
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Bat Mitzvah
  • Moving
  • Boxes for professions such as: teacher, librarian, scientist, real estate etc.
  • Boxes for hobbies such as: cooking, guitar, piano, computers, gardening etc.
  • Boxes with sports motifs such as: scuba diving, fishing, baseball, billiards etc.
  • Boxes with poems on them
  • Boxes with animals such as: cat, dog, dolphin, cow, butterfly etc.
  • Boxes in several languages such as: French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian Are you drooling yet? Then visit our recommended merchants below to purchase gourmet chocolate candy online!
    Recommended Merchants

    Fresh Dan's Chocolates
    Fresh chocolates offered in over 200 different gift boxes.

    Gifts for Chocoholics!
    Send a gift basket stuffed (and I do mean stuffed) full of gourmet chocolates.

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